Awesome Hikes

Monadnock, White Dot Trail – Aug 2009 – Taylor and Haley – Jaffrey, NH

Fun trail with lots of scampering over rocks.  Taylor learned the lesson not to hike in a sweater


Devil’s Punchbowl- July 2012 – Solo – Skagway, Alaska

Beautiful hike, lots of water and ponds. I even took a swim

Pipeline Trail – July 2012 – Taylor – Ketchikan, Alaska

Fun hike for just me and Tay. We saw some amazing sites.

Mt Toll – July 2013 – Eric Burger – Colorado

Most intense hike I have ever done.  11 hrs round trip.  I probably drank 2 gallons of fluids but learned that I need more calories


Deer Leap – All the time – Everyone –  Killington, VT

Great easy hike in 1.5 hours with an amazing payoff at the top overlooking Pico and the Killington Valley

Mountain Trail -June 2015 – Taylor, Haley & Sara – Pawtuckaway Park, NH

Really fun hike with wide open trails.  Nice summit with a lookout tower

Mt Tecumseh – March 2016 – Sara – Waterville Valley, NH

Great hike with awesome summit area.  Icy day that should have had spikes.  Lesson learned


Seven Bridges Trail – June 2016 – Sara – Colorado Springs, CO

This hike had everything.  Bridges over a stream, cool water pools that we stood in, this crazy desert slope that felt like we might slide off, cliffs, waterfalls and even this crazy aspen meadow that was so peaceful.  We loved it.


Garden of the Gods – June 2016 – Sara – Colorado Springs, CO

Not a lot of extreme hiking but we had a ton of fun scrambling and exploring the rock formations

Cannon Mtn – Sep 2016 – Solo – Franconia, NH

I flew up this trail because I was going to a horse show after and saw some glades under the tram that look awesome for skiing.  Ran most of the way down.  So much fun


Monadnock, White/Red Dot Trails – Oct 2016- Sara – Jaffrey, NH

Great hike.  Had a wine and cheese and whiskey picnic at the summit.  Just as we were heading down a C-130 buzzed the top of the mountain a few hundred feet above us.  It was amazing. I couldn’t take a pic fast enough


Appalachian Trail (near Thundering Falls) – Nov 2016 – Sara – Killington, VT

A nice relaxing hike T-day weekend.  Someday we will through-hike a section.


7 Falls Trail. Bear Canyon – Dec 2016 – Sara – Tucson, AZ

Beautiful hike, no summit but the water was awesome.  A repeat from years ago with Eric, but one of my all time favorites.  Great day!


Canty Trail. – Feb 2017 – Sara – Rutland, VT

Very quiet and peaceful trail.  We didn’t get to summit but will be back.  Nice waterfall too!

Canty Trail

Twin Sisters – June 2017 – Sara & Eric – Estes Park, CO

Pretty intense hike. Awesome summit. Sara pushed herself at altitude and crushed it.

Dorr & Cadillac Mountain. – July 2017 – Sara – Acadia, ME

Way too crowded, but great views and really fun hike. I had a rough day on Dorr with stomach issues, ugh. Sara helped me out, big time

Canty Trail – October 21, 2017 – Engagement! – Killington, VT

We finally made it back, and for good reason

Kohala Forest, Lava Caves, Rainbow Falls – May 2018 – H-moon! – Big Island, HI

We did one other hike to the Cone, I shot video on YouTube for these too. Awesome hikes, not quite as green as we imagined though.

Lake Isabelle Trail and Glacier – Aug 2018 – Solo – Nederland, CO

Great trail, I took a COLD swim and got to slide on snow. Was in CO to see Tay, Sara couldn’t make it.

Lake Gulch Trail – Sept 2018 – Sara – Castlewood Canyon, CO

Fun little trail while we were visiting Tay at USAFA

West Monument Trail – Sept 2018 – Sara & Taylor – USAFA, CO

This was a pretty fun trail that led to a reservoir that had been recently drained. It was a fun day.

Mt. Cardigan – April 2020 – Sara – Alexandria, NH

We needed a weekday escape from Covid, so took off for the mountains. This had been our list for years. Fun hike, pretty views, very windy at the top. And we finally got to use our new spikes thanks to Sara.

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