What on earth does that site name mean?  “Goofy Foot” is an old surfer expression that refers to riding with your right foot forward.  It has been adopted by snowboarding and other sideways sports.  I thought the title was a nice play on words to the fact that chances are, I will say something to irritate people eventually.  My license plate is GUFYFUT.

At some point, it will be important for people to know who I am and what I believe.  It may also be useful to own the URL of my name.  So I created this blog with the intent of randomly publishing thoughts that are more significant than Facebook status updates or Tweets.  I mean, how can you truly express an idea when you are limited by characters?

Some of this stuff will be about me and my past.  Some will be about the pride I feel for being a dad, husband, and the great family I have.  Those of you who know me realize that it wouldn’t be about me if I didn’t write about political themes, public life or the state of the world around me.

Finally, since I was 10 and ran my little landscaping business, I have dreamed of owning and running my own company.  For at least 20 years I have had thoughts, scoped ideas, worked out plans and executed on precisely nothing.  In the fall of 2011, my good friend Joe (who shares the same dream) and I decided that we need to get off our butts and actually get something done.  Joe has migrated west.  But in 2017, I have finally structured my life such that I can get moving.  Check out my startup TheMissionZone.  I have lots of ideas on business management and theory, I hope they are useful.

I follow Mark Suster .   He wrote about the need to be a thought leader and how blogging is a great way to do that.  So I’ve decided to write my thoughts here.  I’m sure I am violating rules by jumping all over the place, but this is my voice and who I am.  I hope you enjoy, please comment and give me feedback!


Josh Rutstein

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