Alto Training

Every time that there is a police shooting or some instance where a renegade cop acts inappropriately, we hear the call for “more training.”  I find this whole notion spectacularly irresponsible.  These are people who have grown up racist or at the very least insensitive and now we think x hours of “training” is going to make them more effective at being responsible humans capable of “to protect and to serve.”  Training also can’t make chauvinistic bosses less apt to sexually harass associates.  Sensitivity training doesn’t make people sensitive.

Clearly these people were not raised with any sort of decorum or decency that respects others.  But the problem is with how they are raised.  The problem is with their belief structure, not with how they act on that belief structure.  When presented with possibly life threatening situations requiring moral sensitivity, do we really expect a split second decision to be responsible based on section 4.2 of the sensitivity training a cop received on day 3 of a 4 part series?  Come on.

Juxtapose this to times when training is actually useful.  Training can help govern a thought based or procedure based action.  Call any healthcare provider and try to get a decent answer to a question.  Step 1, tell your life story to an operator, who doesn’t tell you they are the answering service.  That’s HIPPA violation number 1.  Step 2, play the transfer game to 15 departments and schedulers and specialists and PCPs. Step 3, talk to your insurance provider.  What a fun conversation that is.

Oh and please be sure to make sure you are not in a plan that might actually help “bend the cost curve” by incentivizing you to find the low cost option like an HDHP.  Because when you pay out of pocket from your HSA you can be sure that none of these knuckleheads will know the actual COST of a treatment or procedure that would let you act like a consumer and comparison shop.

We see recurring themes of cases when training would actually enhance the user experience of a service.  Yet training never seems to be applied in the right places.  Certainly it is never advocated for in the right ways.  When have you heard public clamor for “more training” of health care providers?  I have yet to figure out why this is.  “More training” has become the go-to solution for every social ill in the way that “rehab” seems to cure every celebrity personality fault.  But it can’t solve social problems, it can’t change beliefs, only actions.

There are times when knowledge is power and training can really benefit the collective actions of mankind by making people smarter.  But it is not the utopian solution to all problems.

Only in boxing does alto training really make things better.  Definitely alto training.  Alto. Alto? Alto?  Oh!  “A lot!”  (4:26)

About Josh Rutstein

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and hopeful political candidate. Father of 2 very special girls, husband to an amazing woman, and passionate American. I snowboard whenever possible and follow a 20x mentality for exercise. I also play golf and ultimate frisbee and am a die hard New England Patriots fan and season ticket holder. Everyday I wake up wanting to make this country a better place, someday I hope to actually succeed.
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